Post Report Process

Memo from Sam Gingerich: Prioritization Process – Next Steps

Post Report Process

To:  Anchorage campus community

From: Provost Bear Baker and Vice Chancellor Bill Spindle

Date:  Sept. 3, 2014

Re:  Post prioritization report process

Dear Anchorage campus community:

It’s been just over two weeks since we released both the Academic Task Force’s (AcTF) and the Support Task Force’s (STF) prioritization reports. There have been several questions raised regarding next steps, and after careful consideration and conversations, we are including a detailed timeline for phase 2 of the prioritization process. Please note some key pieces of information, which are explained in greater detail in the attached document.

  • Sept. 15: Data updates due (voluntary), both Academic and Support. Support Functions only:  the “Post Prioritization Review” questionnaire due.
  • Sept. 15- Oct. 31: Identify and discuss major/systematic issues raised by both reports.
  • Dec. 19: Academic: Expedited review process will be defined and submitted to the President for approval; selected programs will undergo expedited review in compliance with BOR policy. Functions: Develop an implementation plan with impacted departments.
  • January 2015: Implementation begins.

It’s important for us to reiterate that no snap decisions have been or will be made regarding prioritization. We greatly appreciate the hard work that was done by both the AcTF and the STF, and we intend to follow the recommendations made by the task forces. In a few cases, we may find that reducing or phasing out a program or function is not in the best interest of the students, faculty or community, or its deletion would cause more issues than transforming the function or program. We hope the upcoming analysis and discussions will help us identify such programs and/or functions. In addition, those programs and functions that were placed in categories 1 or 2, should not expect an immediate increase in funding. Funding enhancement requests will continue to go through our existing PBAC structure.

We’ve learned a great deal from the process already, and our goal is to continue to learn from it as we move forward. Each time we examine ourselves as an institution at this level, we have the opportunity to make necessary changes that will make us a better, stronger university. We will continue to take questions and suggestions for process improvement through our dedicated prioritization email address.

 Post Process Chart