UAA 2020 Chancellor's Letter

Dear UAA Community,

As a result of the collective wisdom and engagement of the university community, the UAA 2020 process has reached another milestone: the adoption of institution-wide goals and objectives for the next three years. Based on input from across UAA, the Cabinet has decided on three goals that focus on increasing student success and streamlining institutional processes:

  • Advance a culture of institutional excellence that inspires and enables student, faculty and staff success
    Identify and remove significant barriers to student, faculty and staff success; improve access to and satisfaction with academic advising; employ process efficiencies (improvements) that lower the cost per award
  • More students persist and complete their educational goals
    Increase the ratio of credits students earn to credits attempted (a component of Satisfactory Academic Progress) by 5 percentage points by 2020; increase new entering student retention from their first fall to the subsequent fall to 55 percent in the third goal year; increase the rate at which students persist from their second to third year to 45 percent in the third goal year
  • Graduate more students to fill Alaska's needs
    Increase the number of graduates in high-demand job areas by 2 percent per year; improve traditional graduation rates to 35 percent by AY25

Informed by UAA's accreditation open forums and analysis, these goals and objectives reflect the current needs of the university and provide direction for moving forward during a time of change and uncertainty. Several of the ideas submitted through the UAA 2020 process will be used as strategies within these larger goals and objectives.

The development of UAA 2020 began in fall 2016. During the first phase of the process, faculty, staff and students identified and agreed upon four university values that served as a foundation. In phase two, we analyzed UAA's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and developed possible goals for the plan. In a one-day facilitated session in February, 74 representatives from across the institution narrowed the list of 24 goals proposed by campus units to six goals for Cabinet review.

The next phase of UAA 2020 will include the creation of an implementation plan. We will consider all the input and ideas generated throughout the process to build strategies to achieve the goals in three years.

Thank you to the many faculty, staff and students who have participated in the process to generate these meaningful goals.

Tom Case