UAA 2025 Strategic Plan Development


Chancellor's Charge

Develop a UAA 2025 Strategic Plan that positions UAA as Alaska’s comprehensive, metropolitan open-access university that articulates a clear and compelling vision for UAA, engaging and collaborating with the communities we serve, reinforcing our shared values, building on our strengths, and leveraging contributions from UAA 2020.

  UAA 2020 Plan

  UAA 2025 Plan

UAA recognizes and values the diversity of our unique location in Southcentral Alaska, the ancestral homelands of the Dena’ina Athabascan, Ahtna Athabascan, Alutiiq/Sugpiak, and Eyak peoples.

We honor diverse experiences and perspectives—including differences in ideas, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, culture, nationality, age, disability, veteran and socioeconomic status—and strive to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments where all are treated with respect.

At UAA, valuing diversity is integral to excellence. Diversity maximizes our potential for creativity, innovation, educational excellence, and outstanding service to our communities.

  Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

[brief land acknowledgement statement, pending approval]

The institutional accreditation process at UAA is a deliberative, transparent process that works with relevant stakeholders to promote a culture of assessment and continuous improvement. A set of Core Competencies and Student Achievement Metrics are being refined. These will be reflected in and aligned with UAA 2025. UAA 2025 will support implementation of mission fulfillment assessment aimed at continuous improvement of student learning and student success.

Institutional Accreditation


UAA 2025 Team

The UAA 2025 Steering Committee is broadly represented by members from all UAA academic and administrative units, community campuses, students and alumni.


Christi Bell
Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, BEI

LuAnn Piccard
Project Management Dept. Chair, Assoc Professor

Joel Potter
Assistant Professor

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UAA 2025

The UAA 2025 Strategic Plan provides a framework to define, communicate, and clarify expectations for our mission, vision, values and shared goals. It builds on our strengths and focuses our attention and resources on delivering tangible value to our stakeholders and creating areas of distinction. It clarifies our mission, sets an aspirational vision for the future, establishes the values that shape our behaviors and decisions, and results in a set of goals and objectives that reflect our ambitions and priorities, focuses our investments, and guides our continuous improvement efforts. The elements of this plan are cascaded throughout the academic and administrative units in Anchorage and our Community Campuses to align our efforts and maximize our shared contribution to success.


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UAA 2025 Strategic Plan Stakeholder Feedback Survey
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Mission Statement (Final Draft-Subject to Board of Regents Approval) (Presented at October 22nd, Open Forum #4)

The University of Alaska Anchorage transforms lives through teaching, research, community engagement and creative expression in a diverse and inclusive environment. Serving students, the state, and the communities of Southcentral Alaska, UAA is a comprehensive, open access, public university established on the ancestral lands of the Dena’ina, Ahtna Dene, Alutiiq/Sugpiaq, Chugachmiut, and Eyak peoples.

Vision Statement and Tagline (Final Drafts) (Presented at Oct 22nd Open Form #4)

  • “Transforming lives as an institution of excellence, embraced by its community.”
  • “Educating, Serving, and Inspiring Alaskans.”

2020 Values:

  • Student Success

    UAA assists students in defining, revising, and meeting their academic and personal goals:

    • ensuring learning opportunities occur throughout the institution, and awarding and celebrating the achievement of academic credentials and the acquisition of knowledge;
    • and creating a respectful campus environment open to all ideas and schools of thought in which all individuals feel safe and healthy.
  • Excellence

    UAA serves its constituents through demonstrating integrity, professionalism, creativity, and high standards of scholarship in all that we do:

    • ensuring a diverse faculty and staff that reflect Alaska’s and the world’s unique cultures;
    • engaging with partners in the public and private sectors; and
    • striving to be a national benchmark institution in our teaching, research, and service missions and services.
  • Access

    UAA provides a welcoming and inclusive environment respectful of the diversity of all students:

    • reducing barriers and providing multiple pathways to instruction throughout its service areas;
    • providing a robust suite of services and resources for all students; and
    • working with K-12 partners and businesses to help students see themselves in college and prepare for a university environment.
  • Affordability

    UAA ensures an affordable college experience through:

    • utilizing innovation in the dissemination of information and the creative use of resources;
    • simplifying our business processes and the scheduling and sequencing of classes and services to meet the needs of students; and
    • providing good stewardship of the resources of the state through the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Draft Aspirations: “What UAA is like and doing in 2025. What we are known for, and what people say about us.” (Current drafts presented at Oct 22nd Open Forum #4)

 SWOT Analysis: (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

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Progress to Date

  1. Stakeholder Identification and analysis
  2. Development of draft Mission, Vision, SWOT and Aspirations
  3. Alignment with key UA System, internal UAA, and community initiatives
Timeline with Milestones for Fall (you are here)
Spring 2020
Phase 1: Launch
  • Finalize charge
  • Draft Mission, vision and SWOT
  • Identify key internal initiatives
  • ID community of stakeholders
Summer 2020
Phase 2: Refine
  • Refine mission and vision
  • Develop aspirations
  • Stakeholder research
  • Align with key initiatives
Fall 2020
Phase 3: Finalize
  • Finalize mission, vision, aspirations, actions and measures
  • Expand stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Draft operational plan
Spring 2021
Phase 4: Cascade
  • Share broadly
  • Cascade throughout UAA
  • Refine operational plan
  • Measure and improve
Summer 2021+
Phase 5: Operationalize
  • Align
  • Engage
  • Operationalize
  • Measure
  • Continuous Improvement