AMCS Math and Writing Placement

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To apply to the Alaska Middle College School (AMCS), students are required to complete two measures for course placement at UAA: the ALEKS for math and the Writing Sample or the Accuplacer for writing. Completing these measures helps determine the best math and writing courses for you to sign up for, and helps ensure that they are the right level for you.

To complete course placement, you will need a UAA student ID number. To get your UAA student ID, AMCS applicants should review the information on the Complete Applications and Set Passwords page on the AMCS website. If you have not completed ALL of the steps outlined on the AMCS website then please do so before moving on to placement.

Below is information on registering for and completing math and writing placement. The instructions below are specific to Alaska Middle College School students:

  • Math Placement

    ALEKS PPL for Mathematics and Statistics  

    ALEKS PPL is not just a test. It is a learning system that covers materials from Basic Math through Precalculus and will take about 90 minutes (but no more than 3 hours) to complete. After you take it, a customized study module is available for review so you can take it again and improve each time. Students have the opportunity to complete the ALEKS up to five times!

    This proctored exam is free can be taken through the following ways:

    • Option 1: Login to ALEKS virtually through a desktop or non-Chromebook laptop/tablet with a working webcam. (For a screen reader friendly version of the ALEKS exam, contact Disability Support Services.) Follow the prompts to download the Respondus software that launches a browser lockdown and webcam recording before proceeding to complete the test. To check the system requirements for this option, visit
    • Option 2: Schedule an appointment to complete the ALEKS through the UAA Testing Center.

    To complete the ALEKS, students need their UA login credentials. Visit ELMO to retrieve your UA login information.

    For a screen reader friendly version of the ALEKS exam, contact Disability Support Services.

    ALEKS Placement Exam Score Chart


  • Writing Placement

    Writing Samples (Recommended)

    A writing sample is an academic essay students write, in response to a prompt provided by the Writing Department professors. Professors then evaluate the student's writing, along with self-assessments done by the students, to recommend a placement in a Writing Course. Students can complete a Writing Sample for free: all you need is a computer and your UA username and password.

    See below for instructions on how to access the Writing Sample:

    1. Click on the Link "Access the Writing Sample".
    2. Read the instructions on how to prepare for, submit, and complete the Writing Sample.
    3. Click on the green button “Click Here to Begin your Writing Sample”
    4. Sections 1 and 2 of the form are information about you and your experiences with reading and writing. Section 3 of the form will direct you to submit the form. Upon submitting the form, you will receive your Writing Sample prompt via email - please note you will have 2 hours to complete your Writing Sample before the email link breaks, so be prepared to complete it in one sitting.
    5. Access your email and open the link, which will take you to a Word Document with your survey responses on the first page.
    6. Scroll down to the last page to find your Writing Sample prompt and type your Writing Sample in the Word document. Be sure to close the Word document when you are done writing your essay, so that it will upload for the faculty to review. Congrats, you are done with the Writing Sample!
    7. Your Writing Sample result will be sent to you via email within two or three business days.


    Access the Writing Sample


    Only register for the Accuplacer if you cannot complete a writing sample. The Accuplacer is UAA's computerized placement measure to assess your reading comprehension and writing skills. To register for the test without cost, click on Schedule the Accuplacer Exam below and use the following to fill out the form: for Location choose - Alaska Middle College; for group choose - Placement Test; and for Exam choose - Placement Exam. You will need to choose a time and date that works for you and complete the form to register. You are required to wear a face mask and present a government issue picture ID before entering the test area.

    To find study resources for the Accuplacer, visit the Accuplacer Reading Study Guide and the Accuplacer Writing Study Guide, or download the Accuplacer Study App.