UAA Alumni Association

UAA Alumni Association

The UAA Alumni Association is committed to engaging graduates with the university and supporting the growing network of alumni around the world. Find a chapter that matches your location or career interests, or start you own—all it takes is two people! And yes, you can be a member of more than one chapter. 


Attend upcoming events, or help plan one you want to see. Join us at a Mariners game in Seattle or the Green & Gold Gala in Anchorage. Hike our trails in summer or attend a hockey game in winter. Make sure your contact information is current so you can hear from us about great events and opportunities for alumni.

This is your UAA Alumni Association. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Graduates of UAA and our community campuses across Southcentral Alaska earn automatic membership to the UAA Alumni Association, as do individuals with 12 or more credits who are no longer active students. The association is open to all our alumni; there are no membership fees.