Help Build a Skilled Workforce for Alaska

Building a Skilled Workforce for Alaska means preparing our students to meet and fulfill Alaska’s growing workforce demands. This is essential to our mission at UAA. We strive to position our graduates at the head of the job market.

Alaskan practicality has served the state well, creating a robust workforce for a resource economy. As our economy rapidly evolves, however, new skills are needed. UAA’s priority is to train more Alaskans in the skills industry needs today, and in the future. Our goal is to double the number of graduates in key workforce areas -- including geomatics, computer science and networking, civil engineering, construction management, and all areas of healthcare and human services, as well as technical careers such as welders and pilots. 

As industry pivots to a new economy, the workforce needs to pivot as well. This is how we will drive the future of our state and give Alaskan’s career opportunities for life. 

To achieve this, we seek funding to:

  • Ignite opportunity for students through increased scholarships and awards that encourage students to enter fields of study most needed by our state, particularly healthcare.
  • Lead the way in Alaska health, engineering and business through faculty support that attracts talent in key areas of study and allows us to build our capacity in serving students. Flexible funding is needed that allows UAA to adjust coursework as the needs of industry change. Endowed Chairs and Professorships ensure we attract and retain distinguished faculty.
  • Create expanded and upgraded spaces and career laboratories that provide hands-on skill-building experiences in high-demand workforce programs.

The UAA Development team hosted For Alaska: A Virtual Speaker Series with UAA and featured Faculty and Staff who discussed Shaping a Workforce for Alaska. Here is the video to that series talk.