Making a Difference: Eric Pedersen

Eric Pedersen

As Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services, Eric Pedersen has the opportunity to see how a culture of giving is changing the landscape of UAA every day.

"After working for 25 years in higher education, it's easy for me to spot the needs of an institution and its students. I may never be in the position to donate large amounts of money, but I believe it is important to show my support for higher education, which is why I give to UAA, and every college I’ve attended or worked for.

"College may not be the right choice for everyone, but I believe in the power of education and I am confident that equal access to higher learning improves our society. That access is most often translated as the gift of scholarship, but there are so many ways you can support students.

"Whatever connection you have to UAA, play to it. Find the one thing that you strongly believe in and help it financially. It may be your academic department, a sports team, tutoring services or campus life and activities. Whatever path of support you take strengthens our entire university. These connections and relationships are important to keeping our community strong.

"As a relatively young institution, it is important for us to show our support for UAA. The university is still creating itself in many ways, which is what makes it a great and exciting place to work. I'm proud to do what I can to help UAA along on this journey."

Join colleagues, like Eric, who stepped up to show their support for student success by making a tax-deductible gift to the UAA fund of your choice. Whether you give through payroll deduction or make a one-time donation, your gift makes a difference.