Making a Difference: Jens and LeeAnn Munk

Jens and LeeAnn Munk

Jens and LeeAnn Munk have been professors at UAA for 13 years and donors to the university for nearly as long, supporting programs that mean the most to them. They see their donations as a way to give back to the next generation of students.

"The choice for us to come to UAA was simple; we knew our work would have an immediate impact on the lives of students. We could have gone to another school where we were just replacing someone who had retired and fitting into a system already established, but here we have a chance to really help shape and grow our programs and the university. We feel like there's an opportunity to make a real difference at UAA.

"We give to scholarships and the excellence funds in our departments because those are very direct ways for us to make a difference for the students. We understand the need for scholarship and it feels good to have the chance to give the students the same opportunities that were presented to us."

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