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Major-Specific Scholarships

In addition to the UAA General Scholarships, there are many scholarships aimed toward students in specific areas of study; these scholarships are called "Major-Specific Scholarships."

Supplemental information

Just as with UAA's General Scholarships page, some major-specific scholarships consider all students who apply, simply by filling out the UAOnline scholarship application and being admitted into the identified college, major/minor, etc. There are some scholarships, however, that require additional qualifications which the departmental standing scholarship committees verify through submitted supplemental information. Scholarships that require a supplement on any of the "Major-Specific" pages are identified with an *asterisk.


  • If you have only filled out the University of Alaska Scholarship Application, you are automatically considered for those scholarships that DO NOT require supplements.
  • All supplemental materials must also be received by the Office of Financial Aid by the February 15th deadline.
  • Please note that some of these scholarships prefer but do not necessarily require additional information. We encourage you still to apply for these scholarships, even if you do not meet all the qualifications.
  • Supplemental documents can be emailed to:

Scholarships in your field

Click on the link for your college to learn about additional scholarships in your field.

Not sure what college you're in?

Login to UAOnline, select "Student Services & Account Information," "Student Records," then "View Student Information." Current program will be listed in the "Curriculum Information" section. Contact the UAA Admissions Office with any program questions.