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Good news, Seawolves! The Administration/Humanities Building is officially open for normal business and classes as of Monday, Oct. 14. Thanks to faculty and staff for their flexibility working from temporary locations and students for their flexibility attending courses in alternate classrooms.

Special thanks to our amazing Facilities and Campus Services team and partners AMC Engineers, Vannoy Electric, North Form and Lake View for their work to get the building back up and running so quickly. 

College of Engineering Scholarships

All of the following scholarships require completion of the UAOnline Scholarship Application. In addition, some them also require additional qualifications or supplemental items, like essays. Scholarship titles with an asterisk (*) require some form of supplemental, additional information, beyond completing the UAOnline Scholarship Application.

Important reminder: Some scholarships state a preference for applicants to meet criteria conditions or provide additional information. We encourage you to still submit this information in order to increase your score in the ranking process.

Electrical Engineering Scholarships

Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

Project Management Scholarships

For information on additional Project Management national scholarships and resource information, please visit the College of Engineering Project Management Scholarship webpage, maintained by the College of Engineering staff.

Additional UAA Engineering Scholarship Opportunities

  • The UAA College of Engineering is pleased to announce the Engineering Dean's Excellence Award, a 4-year scholarship, $3,000 per academic year, available to top graduating high school seniors. This scholarship is open to high school seniors who have applied for admission to UAA, designating College of Engineering, have submitted seventh semester high school transcript, along with SAT or ACT test scores. Please refer to the link above for additional high school GPA and curriculum details. Click here if you need to "Apply for Admission" to UAA College of Engineering.
  • University of Alaska Statewide Engineering Scholarships: These scholarships are open to engineering students attending any UA campus. The main scholarship application, available via UAOnline, is the same one students fill out to apply for UAA Foundation Scholarships. You must submit the UAOnline application once per academic year, by the Feb. 15th deadline, in order to be considered for both UA and UAA Foundation scholarships. UA Statewide Foundation Scholarships may require supplemental information. Specific requirements can be found on the University of Alaska Statewide Foundation Scholarships website.


External Scholarships / Grants

For additional information on non-UAA scholarship, fellowship, research, and grant opportunities available to UAA College of Engineering students and faculty, please click the button provided below to access details.

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OTHER AWARDS & Opportunities


Have Questions About Paying for College?

You're not alone.  Take advantage of the expertise available from our Financial Aid office at Financial Aid Workshops and their Financial Literacy page.