Our signature (logo) system hierarchy

To help manage a visual identity for our large organization, UAA uses a signature or logo hierarchy model. The top level is the primary logos, and the university seal is the signature used to represent the institution as a whole. Then, the unit logos are used for areas within the university: colleges, schools, centers, institutes, departments and programs. The Athletics logos (Seawolf logo, plus others) are reserved for use by the UAA Athletics department, its entities and licensed suppliers/vendors. Some exceptions may be made upon authorized approval for the use of the Seawolf logo.

Our logos are the sum of all the visual impressions associated with the University of Alaska Anchorage name. We all share a responsibility to present the university correctly in all forms of communication, whether they occur in print, online or in other digital forms. Our UAA signatures are the most important visual branding tools at our disposal. Therefore, everyone at UAA has a responsibility to apply the university’s “signature” (logos) in a consistent and accurate manner, and a duty to treat them with care, attention and respect.

If you are not sure which logo to use, it is always OK to use one of the primary logos to represent any area or unit within the university.

Please contact Joe Nedland at 907 786-4831 or email jdnedland@alaska.edu if you have any questions or issues related to university logos.

Unit Logos
UAA unit logos

Unit logos have been developed for use by colleges, departments, schools, administrative units, centers, institutes, programs and some extended campus units. These logos allow each unit name to receive prominence while retaining an overall university identity. 

To find your unit logo, select the grouping or college your unit falls within and you will find all the logos of that area listed alphabetically. Click on the name of the unit you want to download. You will receive a compressed folder packet containing all of the authorized versions of logos available for that specific unit. If your unit does not appear in one of the lists, please contact Joe Nedland at 907 786-4831 or email jdnedland@alaska.edu for assistance.

Administrative Units

Colleges and Schools

Need a new or changed logo?

If you need a new unit logo or if your unit name has or will be changing, please fill out the request form below to have a new logo created or modified. If you are wanting a new unit logo created be sure to check out the Logo FAQ's for what options you may have available for your unit. Any permanent alterations to an existing logo other than a name change must be requested by the unit’s director or dean. Logo creation or modification must be done by the University Relations office. * These fields are required.

Indicate if request is for a new UAA department or a name change to an existing one?

New name, exactly how you want it in the logo. You may use the word "and" or an ampersand "&".

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UAA Primary Logos

UAA primary logos

The primary logos are the main graphic identifier for all entities the University of Alaska Anchorage encompasses, and are the only logos that may be used to represent the university as a whole. 

The UAA primary logos belong to all units and may be on any official UAA communication. The preferred use of the UAA primary logo is in its full, unaltered, two-part format—the combined monogram (UAA with swoosh) along with the wordmark (the words "University of Alaska Anchorage"). These two elements may be used separately if the use necessitates it. Acceptable versions of the monogram and wordmark are available from the below links.

Download UAA Primary logos Download UAA Monogram Download UAA Wordmark

You may have seen variations of the UAA primary logos other than those in the above download packet in use around campus. Numerous unauthorized versions have inadvertently been created over the years and have gotten into use. All variations of the primary logo other than those available in this download packet need to be phased out and are no longer authorized for use in the future. Adherence to this practice will simplify and strengthen our identity, which has become eroded by unauthorized logo creation and modifications.  

University Seal and Athletics Seawolf Logo

UAA Seal and Seawolf logosUniversity Seal

The university seal is the most formal signature of the university. The seal is reserved for authenticating official and ceremonial documents and used only by the University President, Chancellor and Board of Regents. Examples of use include diplomas, legal documents, commencement programs and university certificates/awards. The official seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in the university, and its usage is at the discretion of the Office of the Chancellor and University Relations. It is not for use in conjunction with the university wordmark or any other UAA logos. The seal is available for use upon approved request.

Seawolf Logo

The Athletics logo—the Seawolf head logo—is the main graphic used by the UAA Athletics Department. The Seawolf logo and all other athletic wordmarks are confined for use in direct association with intercollegiate athletics, as determined by the UAA Athletics Department. Any use other than for intercollegiate athletics and/or by approved licensed vendors must have previous permission from the UAA Athletics Department or University Relations. The Seawolf logo should never appear with or be used in place of the university’s primary or secondary logos.

Logo Use Request Form

To receive approved artwork for either the University Seal or the Seawolf logo the below request form needs to be submitted. If your use is approved, the artwork for the the requested logo will be sent to you. * These fields are required.

Which logo are you requesting the use of?

Give your name or the main contact for this request.

Email which approval decision should be sent to.

Contact's phone number

What department or organization are you affiliated with?

Describe what the logo is to be used for and where it will appear.

Please be aware that if your approved use of a logo is at some point in the future determined as being no longer appropriate, then all usage of that logo will need to be discontinued. The granting for one particular purpose does not automatically allow for different applications of the logo or the privilege to use the logo indefinitely or for repeated usage in the future.