Social Media Guidelines

  • Transparency: Be open and honest in your social media engagements on all of your chosen platforms. Remember, social media is a dialogue between you and your audience and it is important to maintain trust through an open conversation.
  • Be accurate: Make sure you have all the facts before posting onto any social media platform. Include links to cite sources in your posts; this also helps build community on your platform. We also recommend having a second pair of eyes review a post before it goes live and to do a quick spell check! If you make an error on your page, address and fix it quickly and visibly. This builds trust between you and your online community.
  • Privacy: Guard your audiences' privacy. Although it may?seem privacy is non existent on social media, please?be conscientious regarding any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you may collect (e.g. contests) including how information is collected, stored, used and shared (e.g. personal phone numbers, email addresses, emails, etc.).
  • Respect:
    • Respect UAA students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members engaging with you on your social media platform. If you wouldn't say something in a face-to-face conversation, then don't post it on social media.
    • Respect and abide by all copyrights, trademarks, and rights ofpublicity and third party rights on all social media platforms, including user-generated content (ex: If someone posts a photo of themselves on your timeline).
  • Responsibility: Be responsible and professional in all?of your posting and engagement on your social media platforms. Keep in mind your social media pages represents your department, college, UAA and the UA system. Please make sure your postings reflect the mission of the university and the UA system. If you are in doubt about posting, it is better to wait for an authority to give you the OK before posting to your page.
  • Represent: As a part of UAA, please be consistent using the Amazing Stories branding by supporting the colors, hashtags and look of the university's branding campaign. You can also represent UAA by supporting other departments, programs or groups' social media accounts by liking, reposting, retweeting or linking their content to your own social media page. This also helps break up your own content and provides an opportunity for a wider audience to engage with your page.
  • Measure your success: Social media is an ongoing dialogue and part of the dialogue is measuring your success in communicating your department's messages. Every department, program or group will measure success differently. Identify what success means to you and your department. Is it increased traffic? Gaining more fans and followers? Better communication with current or prospective students?