A center or institute at UAA is created on approval by the University of Alaska president and Board of Regents for the promotion of advanced study, research, economic or business development, and/or instruction in specific fields.

Alaska Center for Rural Health/Alaska's Area Health Education Center (ACRH/AHEC)

The Alaska Center for Rural Health is housed within the Office of Health Programs Development and is closely affiliated with the School of Nursing in the College of Health. The mission of ACRH/AHEC is to help strengthen systems to deliver comprehensive and culturally relevant health care to rural Alaskans and to diversify and improve the distribution of the health workforce.

Alaska Center for Supply Chain Integration (ACSCI)

The Alaska Center for Supply Chain Integration supports business system research and development of Alaskan logistics and supply chain management capabilities. As a center within the College of Business and Public Policy, ACSCI enriches educational opportunities for students and fosters the development of university, government and industrypartnered activities by addressing significant Alaskan business and economic issues.

Alaska Center for Conservation Science 

The Alaska Center for Conservation Science is Alaska's clearinghouse for information on plant and animal species of conservation concern, natural communities of conservation concern, aquatic ecology baseline conditions, and invasive non-native plant and animal species. The center collects, validates and distributes this information and assists natural resource managers and others in applying it effectively. The center is part of NatureServe, and its data are linked to similar programs in all 50 states, Canadian provinces and many Latin American countries. The center's fields of expertise include zoology, botany, aquatic ecology, vegetation and conservation planning.

Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC)

The Alaska SBDC fosters, promotes and assists growth and development of small businesses in Alaska through a family of services. The Alaska SBDC provides Alaska's businesses and entrepreneurs with in-depth, high-quality business counseling and training. The Alaska SBDC helps businesses with management, marketing, sales, finance, accounting and other disciplines required for small business growth, expansion and innovation.

Center for Alaska Education Policy Research (CAEPR)

The Center for Alaska Education Policy Research enhances decisionmaking by policymakers, education professionals and the public through collaborative interdisciplinary research, analysis and dissemination. CAEPR conducts nonpartisan research on policy issues around educational access, equity and excellence in the Alaska context across early childhood, primary, secondary, higher and adult education.

Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (CAAS)

The mission of the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies represents the University of Alaska's commitment to address the problem of substance use and abuse in the state. The CAAS mission is to help alleviate the problem of substance abuse and its adverse impacts through the development and implementation of education, training, research and public service programs. CAAS has produced local and statewide reports related to substance abuse problems in the state, received numerous grants and contracts to undertake research and evaluation studies, and initiated workshops and training programs to help practitioners enhance their skills. CAAS serves as a resource for collaborative research and as a repository of information for health researchers.

Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services (CBHRS)

The Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services is a research center in the College of Arts and Sciences that has been in existence since 1999. CBHRS comprises researchers, clinicians and educators dedicated to the behavioral and physical health of all members of our community. CBHRS research is focused on risk behavior prevention, health promotion, mental health delivery issues in Alaska, suicide prevention, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, research and clinical ethics, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Center for Community Engagement and Learning (CCEL)   

UAA's Center for Community Engagement and Learning connects academic programs with community needs, enables the university to effectively carry out its community engagement mission, and serves as the center of engaged academic activities on the campus. It uses scholarship and action for the mutual benefit of the university, the state, its communities and its diverse peoples.

Center for Economic Development (CED)

The University of Alaska Center for Economic Development is one of nearly 60 University Centers designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA). In this role, CED leverages the resources of the University of Alaska system to improve local economies and the economic development capacity of Alaska by providing technical assistance for public and private sector organizations.

Center for Economic Education (CEE)

The Center for Economic Education is jointly sponsored by the College of Business and Public Policy and the Alaska Council on Economic Education. CEE promotes and improves economics curricula throughout Alaska by sponsoring workshops and college credit courses for teachers, providing educational materials, and offering other assistance to educators and school districts.

Center for Human Development (CHD)

The Center for Human Development, a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service, is an interdisciplinary unit under the College of Health. Faculty and staff represent a variety of disciplines, including psychology, social work, special education, sociology, adult education, nursing, public health and human services. The center has a variety of projects that provide paid work experience for UAA students.

Confucius Institute (UAA-CI)

Sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language International Council (Hanban), the UAA Confucius Institute was established in November 2008. Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the institute helps to better prepare UAA students in terms of learning the Chinese language and culture. 

Environment and Natural Resources Institute (ENRI)

The Environment and Natural Resources Institute conducts applied and fundamental scientific research and collects, synthesizes, archives and distributes natural science data, specimens and knowledge. This is accomplished by conducting field and laboratory studies, participating in data and sample archiving and synthesis activities, and providing electronic outlets and Internet portals for public access.

Ethics Center

The mission of the Ethics Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage is to promote research and dialogue, inform debate, and engage the community on ethical issues relevant to the people of Alaska and its diverse communities. The center aims to serve the communities, businesses, professions and universities of Alaska by providing training, workshops, white papers, consultation and continuing education.

Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS)

The Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies is a health research and policy research institute that provides support, coordination, information and training for health research that serves the needs of Alaskans and other residents of the circumpolar north. Since it was created by the Alaska Legislature in 1988 (AS 14.40.088), the ICHS has been a leader in addressing a wide variety of health problems and issues facing Alaskans.

Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)

The Institute of Social and Economic Research is a public policy and social science research institute applying multidisciplinary skills to the analysis of social and economic change in Alaska and northern regions. Since 1961, the institute has investigated myriad major public policy issues in Alaska. ISER studies have included relevant topics such as the effects of natural resource development, fiscal policies of state and local governments, transportation and energy requirements of developing regions, effects of change on Alaska's Native people, and the quality of life in the state.

Justice Center

The UAA Justice Center, established by the Alaska Legislature in 1975, has a mandate to provide statewide justice-related education, research and service. The Justice Center is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate, graduate and professional education; conducts research in the areas of crime, law and justice; and provides service to government units, justice agencies and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy and just society.

Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language and Culture

The Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language and Culture is committed to developing Japanese language education at UAA and throughout Alaska, as well as to promoting mutual understanding between the U.S. and Japan in honor of UAA alumnus Montgomery Dickson, who perished in the 2011 Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. The center is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Psychological Services Center (PSC)

The Psychological Services Center is the UAA on-campus training clinic for graduate students in the MS Clinical Psychology program and the joint Ph.D. program in Clinical-Community Psychology with a Rural and Indigenous Emphasis. Student trainees at the PSC provide a range of psychological services under supervision by licensed psychologists.