Collaborative Learning Communities

We strive to encourage community within and throughout the UAA system and beyond. We believe that social connections and mentorship is at the heart of positive and successful teaching and learning experiences.

Technology Fellows

Instructional technology leaders from all UAA Campuses who serve as models and mentors for their colleagues, this carefully selected cohort serves a two-year fellowship with the 2nd year focusing on mentoring the next cohort.

Academic Commons Online Community

An online community of faculty and staff from all UAA Campuses, exchanging knowledge in the interest of improving the quality of teaching, innovation, and communication. Join the conversation at

eLearning Workgroup

Consisting of faculty and support staff from across UAA, this voluntary group convenes bi-monthly, and includes subcommittees that focus on current trends and research in eLearning. 

National Affiliates

We offer resources through funding UAA’s memberships with national educational entities:

  •     WICHE ICE
  •     New Media Consortium
  •     AAEEBL
  •     Sloan-C


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