Multimedia Services

We offer assistance in preparing audio and video materials for face-to-face, hybrid and online courses. Our ultimate goal is to help you do-it-yourself, but our immediate goal is help you get it done. Please contact us with specific requests or general inquiries regarding integrating media into your classroom.


Contact any Instructional Designer to discuss your goals and options for using media. We are available to provide some resources in addressing copyright and recording permissions and captioning options for your content. (907) 786-4496 or

Contact Media Technician Eric Baldwin directly to discuss lecture and event recording, analog to digital conversion, document, slide and photo scanning, DVD authoring, webstreaming and podcasting options, etc. at (907) 786-4850 or


Copyright Information & Resources

As an educator, you enjoy some privileges when sharing copyrighted materials with your students.

It is the responsibility of individual faculty members making requests for services to secure any and all permission, consent, licensing and necessary clearance regarding recording, copying, altering and/or publishing audio and video recordings.

The best policy is always to secure permission or licensing for use. Your department or the library may already have done so. Also, there may be online or broadcast viewing alternatives.  

Provided here is a guide to help you in requesting copyright permissions.

It is the policy of the University of Alaska to abide by federal copyright law and refrain from using copy-protected materials unless prior permission or licensing has been obtained or unless use is deemed permissible under the exemptions outlined in the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act or the TEACH Act. Provisions of the TEACH Act provide limited educational use of copyright protected material. To learn more about the TEACH Act visit the Copyright Clearance Center.

If your intended use meets the TEACH Act criteria, you must complete theUA Teach Act Worksheet.

Additional Resources:

It is highly recommended that your thought process, intent, use, and permission-seeking be documented. Toward that end, a selection of decision-making rubrics are offered here as aids. Perhaps you’ll find one, or a hybrid of a few, helpful in organizing this process.

For additional information regarding UA-wide copyright policy or intellectual property and licensing policy, please contact the Director of Intellectual Property and Licensing for the University of Alaska, P.O. Box 757560, Fairbanks, AK 99775 or telephone (907) 474-7765.


B Roll

Join the UAA video user group B-Roll on UAA Commons!


B-Roll gives you the opportunity to share and learn tips and tricks with other multimedia users at UAA. It's a free and casual way to network with others using similar communication tools in the educational environment. 

Contact Eric Baldwin at (907) 786-4850 or for more information.



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