Instructor and Course Showcase

Faculty at UAA are doing amazing work using technology to enhance instruction, both in the classroom and at a distance.

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Innovative use of Second Life at UA

Prince Williams Sound Community College (PWSCC) Virtual wet lab system seeks to provide a “hands on” lab environment where students can do a live lab together, regardless of physical location.

From the "UAA Case Notes" March 2012 Newsletter:

PWSCC Virtual Worlds Designer Don Bickley and Assistant Professor of Biology Julie Fronzuto's innovative Second Life distance laboratory learning placed 1st in the "Engaging Learning" focus area of the Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge. PWSCC's virtual labs are helping students experience a real-time learning environment.


Faculty members discuss their use of technology in the classroom:

Sunny Mall of The College of Education discusses Technology in Teaching

Trish Jenkins of The Department of English discusses her use of Voicethread

Karl Pfeiffer of the Department of Sociology discusses Accessibility and Distance Delivery




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