The Exploration of Digital Credentials for Professional Learning at UA

Project in Development for Fall 2014 Implementation

Digital Badging is an innovative topic internationally, with many institutions and organizations adopting and exploring models of deployment as Mozilla rolls out its Open Badge Standards. The digital badges credential provides metadata linking back to the evidence of learning that happens in and beyond the classroom or training.

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UAA Academic Innovations & eLearning offers professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, group training, consultations, course review, and community connections. We believe that "a commitment to teaching is a commitment to learning", and that those who continuously make an effort to commit to their own professional development should be supported and recognized.

As such, we are in development of an EduPass Program to explore a model for awarding digital badge credentials that will be coupled with further incentive, such as promotion/tenure, institutional recognition, faculty mentor opportunities and national professional development programs. The program is open to any and all faculty, adjuncts and staff at any of our rural campuses to promote effective and innovative teaching practices and peer mentorship. We are currently working with UAF eLearning & Distance Education to explore to the potential of aligning standards to offer the program state-wide. We are also aligning the standards with the National ISTE Standards (International Society for Technology in Education) for Teachers and Technology Coaches.

As UAA rolls out new promotion and tenure guidelines that promote ePortfolios replacing paper tracking, the EduPass digital badge credentials stands to fill in a way to incentivize and track participation in professional development opportunities that goes far beyond paper certificates for seat time. Since our office serves all of the UAA rural campuses across the state of Alaska, the EduPass  participants are able to connect with a community of peers to help break through any silos created by distance and isolation.

The EduPass program is themed around a travel passport, with participation levels of “Tourist,  “Voyager” and “ Navigator”. The individual badge awards are themed and granted in three levels of knowledge sharing:  

  1. Evidence of awareness and planning
  2. Evidence of practice and critical thinking 
  3. Presentation & sharing of knowledge

All evidence is to posted in the open online academic community to share with the UAA public community through Participants will be awarded online digital badges, but also able to track progress through a matching printed passport with stamps.

The UAA Technology Fellows are currently being awarded similar digital credentials as a pilot user group during this initial development stage. More info at

Sarah Frick & Jeanette Renaudineau have been asked by EDUCUASE/ELI and to present on the development of the the EduPass program at the national Educause ELI Spring Online Focus session April 1–3. 2014


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