Documentation of WWII Structures at Shemya Island

Picture of Berm features on Shemya

Documentation of WWII Structures at Shemya Island
Eareckson Air Station
September 2016 to September 2018

Shemya Island was the site of significant development during World War II. While concrete structures on Shemya such as pillboxes, batteries, and runways have been well-studied, the island’s earthen berm features, which once supported wood and metal structures such as quonset huts, have not yet been formally documented.  AERC researchers will use historic records, aerial photography, and GIS information to inspect and document these berms and assess their significance to Shemya’s military history.

  • Research historic locations and uses of former military structures on Shemya Island.
  • Compile and document location and extent of the island’s berms using aerial/satellite imagery and GIS software.
  • Provide inventory and condition assessment of earthen berms on Shemya.
  • Prepare and install a simple informative exhibit about the berms for Eareckson Air Station dining hall.