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Advisory Board

To maintain contact with agencies and organizations that require the application of anthropological expertise, the department has developed a Graduate Advisory Board. The Graduate Advisory Board consists of representatives of various anthropologically oriented municipal, state, and federal agencies as well as private sector firms who give advice and guidance on the development and implementation of M.A. program policies at UAA.  In particular, they help to develop anthropologically related internship/practicum programs, research facilities (both at UAA and at their own institutions), and cooperative agreements to help develop the anthropology graduate program at UAA.  Graduate students are welcome to attend meetings of the Graduate Advisory Board.

Board Members:

  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game: Jim Fall
  • Alaska Division of Public Health: Penny Cordes
  • Alaska Medical Examiner's Office: Ken Gallagher
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: Eleanor Hadden
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: Roger Harritt or Connie Jensen
  • Alaska Museaum of Science and Nature: Kelly Gwynn
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs: Ken Pratt
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs: Pat Petrivelli
  • Bureau of Land Management: Jenny Blanchard
  • Cultural Resource Consultants: Linda Yarborough
  • Cultural Resource Consultants: Mike Yarborough
  • First Alaskans Institute: Kyle Wark
  • Knik Tribal Council: Debra Call
  • Matanuska-Susitna Borough: Fran Seager-Boss
  • National Park Service: Rachel Mason
  • National Park Service: Becky Saleeby
  • National Park Service: Bob Gal
  • National Park Service: Jeanne Schaaf
  • Northern Land Use Research, LLC: Jason Rogers
  • Office of History and Archaeology: Judy Bittner
  • Office of History and Archaeology: Alan DePew
  • Office of History and Archaeology: Richard VanderHoek
  • Office of History and Archaeology: Jeffrey Weinberger
  • Office of History and Archaeology: Shina Duvall
  • Office of History and Archaeology: Dave McMahan
  • Smithsonian Institution: Aron Crowell
  • Southcentral Foundation: Jennifer Shaw
  • UAA Alaska Native Studies Department: Maria Shaa Tlaa Williams
  • US Air Force, Elmendorf: Karlene Leeper
  • US Army Corps of Engineers: Kelly Eldridge
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service: Ed DeCleva
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service: Robbin Lavine or Jennifer Hardin
  • US Forest Service: Keri Hicks