Undergraduate Program

ba/bs brochure

The Anthropology undergraduate program provides students with a solid foundation in the contemporary theory and practice of four-field anthropology through lecture courses and instruction that encourage critical thinking and provide opportunities for independent research and fieldwork. The baccalaureate degree is offered with a focus in General Anthropology. This provides a broad-based academic background applicable to a wide range of careers in anthropology related fields, including preparation for graduate study.

Graduate Program

ma brochure

The Anthropology graduate program provides students with a rigorous background in contemporary theory and practice in anthropology through proseminars, advanced coursework, internships, independent research, and a research-based thesis. The MA degree is offered with a focus in General or Applied Anthropology. The general track is intended to provide a broad based academic background for those who wish gain an anthropological perspective applicable to a wide range of careers including an academic career. The applied track is designed to train students in the application of anthropological concepts, methods, and perspectives to the specific fields in which they are employed.

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