Anthropology Minors

Students majoring in another subject who wish to minor in anthropology must complete the following requirements.

Core Anthropology Courses
Complete two of the following courses:6-8
Introduction to Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Biological Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
Ethnographic Courses
Complete 6 credits from at least two of the following courses:6
Alaska Native Cultures
Arctic and Subarctic Cultures *
World Cultures *
Comparative Culture Studies *
Methodological, Topical, and Theoretical Courses **
Complete 6 credits from at least two of the following courses:6
Applied Anthropology
Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
Field Methods in Archaeology and Bioanthropology
Culture and Human Biodiversity
Culture and Ecology
Culture and Health
Applied Ethics in Anthropology *
Culture and Globalization
Analytical Techniques in Archaeology and Bioanthropology *
Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
Health, Ritual and Science *
Historical Engagements *
Belief and Identity *
Topics in the Contemporary North *
Culture, Environment, Place *
Total Credits18-20

A total of 18 credits is required for the minor, 9 of which must be upper division. 


Specific topical emphasis for this course varies by offering. See catalog course description for details.


Other upper-division special topics courses (ANTH A490) or independent study courses (ANTH A397 or ANTH A497) may be petitioned to satisfy the methodological/topical/theoretical course requirements, depending on course content.

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