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The Illustration Program encourages the development of imaginative and ambitious solutions to visual storytelling. Students take a variety of courses such as drawing, painting, and computer art to develop the skill set necessary for effective visual communication. Lectures and projects inspire creative approaches to narrative, design strategies, and experimental practices. Upper division illustration classes focus on developing a student’s unique artistic perspective and introducing the realities of the professional field. Faculty will emphasize the importance of dedicated work habits, consistency, and flexibility as they prepare you for a productive and successful career.

Degrees offered

  • BFA, Art (Illustration)
  • Classes taken in this area can be applied towards a BA, Art

Illustration Faculty

Mariano Gonzales

Professor, Printmaking, Graphic Design and Illustration
ARTS 305
(907) 786-1734



Student Work

student illustration

nude of man and woman entwined in a tree

flatlay of stationary

princess mononoke

Coyote - Matilda Jacobson

Dall Sheep - Matilda Jacobson


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