photography student working in the darkroom

Images are a powerful visual and creative means to communicate ideas, experiences and emotions. The Photography program at UAA provides a rich, creative environment for photographic exploration and storytelling. Students can go anywhere from here; graduate school or careers in fine art photography, portrait, landscape, documentary, commercial or technical photography.  

Students have the opportunity to explore photography at UAA using a variety of tools and techniques. They will have access to a full lighting studio with strobes for still photography and continuous lighting for video. For image processing and out put, we have a Mac Lab with Epson printers, a traditional wet darkroom for film photography and alternative processes, a printmaking studio for interdisciplinary applications and a variety of cameras and equipment to check out for their artistic image making outside the classroom.  

We are all living in the Information Age. In today’s media saturated environment, visual literacy is an important skill in both making and understanding information. Students will engage and discuss art and media critical theory topics and contemporary discourse. Acquiring knowledge and skills in the creation and understanding of photo-based image making is essential for artists and thinkers in our Internet-based society.

Degrees Offered

  • BFA, Art (Photography)
  • Classes taken in this area can be applied towards a BA, Art

Photography Faculty

Mike Conti
Adjunt Professor of Art
(907) 786-1766 


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