Printmaking Hero

The art and craft of Printmaking envelopes four major approaches to the design and creation of images and visual artifacts: relief, intaglio, lithography and serigraphy. Students at the beginning level of Printmaking are instructed in basic techniques discovered over the course of centuries. Intermediate and advanced students build on this foundation and are introduced to and encouraged to adapt new and evolving materials and methods to build well-rounded skills and to develop a strong and exciting personal style of making prints. Instruction in all levels of printmaking encompass color theory, design, composition and history of the technology in addition to the mechanical and physical process of creating images from printing. The Printmaking studio/lab is well equipped with the equipment, tools and resources for learning relief, intaglio, lithographic and serigraphic process at all levels and will well-serve the academic requirements of students in the program.


 BA degree
 BFA degree


Program Coordinator

Student Work

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