Sculpture & Metalsmithing


Grounded in traditional practices, UAA Sculpture strives for and supports, innovative technical and conceptual development, while considering and investigating contemporary currents. Focusing on three dimensional art forms and creative problem solving, students are also encouraged to experiment with installation, cross disciplinary, and new genre approaches to their work. Students also have the option to explore metalsmithing by focusing on traditional metal working techniques and processes while exploring formal and conceptual development. The UAA Sculpture Program focuses on workshop safety, studio equipment, construction techniques, aesthetics, as well as pushing concept and development of the individual artists’ voice. The Sculpture Studio is fully equipped to handle a variety of materials and processes including but not limited to mixed media, mold making, welding, wood fabrication, casting, 3D printing, and CNC.    


 BA degree
 BFA degree


Program Coordinator
Hans HallinenHans Hallinen


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