Art Education Symposiums


What role can art play in representing a northern sense of culture, community and identity? How can art stimulate debate about indigenous issues and other northern and Arctic ways of living in challenging environments? What role can art play in communication of northern issues? How might art communication some of the challenges facing those living in northern areas today? What role might art play in chronicling issues important to places and people in the north? These questions are central to this long-term project coordinated by Arctic Sustainable Arts & Design (ASAD). Read more about Relate North 2015.

2015 Circumpolar Expressions and Identity Symposium

Sámi Stories: Art and Identity of an Arctic People opened with a day-long symposium offering in-depth perspectives on Sámi history, identity and visual culture. The program featured talks by the exhibition curators as well as a dialogue between Tromsø-based artist Aslaug Juliussen, Swedish-based artist Britta Marakatt-Labba and Alaskan artists including Ron Senungetuk, Alvin Amason, Sonya Kelliher-Combs, and Susie Bevins-Ericsen. Tromsø (Norway) and Anchorage are sister cities. As cities in circumpolar nations with large indigenous communities, we share a number of similarities and differences. The symposium was a joint effort among the Anchorage Museum, Northern Norway Art Museum and Tromsø University Museum, and UAA Art Department and Alaska Native Studies. Read more about the 2015 Circumpolar Expressions and Identity Symposium...