Create Your Future

Our mission as an Art Department is to prepare and empower students to use their creative abilities to make a difference in our community. A comprehensive multi-studio approach encourages innovative thinking, strengthens creativity and technical ability and develops a comprehensive knowledge of historic and contemporary art and design. We are committed to student success. To accomplish this objective, we advise all of our students majoring in art to develop a strategy to achieve their goals. Our job as faculty is to engage in “educating imaginations.” This is a serious commitment on our part. We are your mentors and are here to help you as much as to challenge you.

The Department offers three options for the baccalaureate in art:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Art (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (B.F.A.)
  • Minor in Art (N.F.G.)

Areas of emphasis include Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Digital Art and Design, Ceramics, Sculpture and Native Arts. In keeping with the university mission of supporting life long learning, we also offer opportunities for continuing education to members of the community. Curriculum in studio classes is designed to blend time honored traditions with contemporary ideas and technologies thus providing a comprehensive course of study. Classes in art history, art education, professional practices and general studies encourage critical thinking and the development of an understanding of history and culture. Our goal is to train students to be successful, well-rounded artists and good citizens that are integral to the quality of our vibrant culture.

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