Graduate Programs

Master of Science, Biological Sciences

This is a research-intensive, thesis-based degree program that typically takes 2-3 years to complete. Biological Sciences M.S. students engage in independent research programs under the supervision of a UAA faculty member.  The coursework for the M.S. is highly flexible and individualized, and is determined in conjunction with the student’s thesis committee.  Students seeking admission to the M.S. program are strongly advised to contact faculty members whose research interests are of interest to the applicant; admission to the program cannot be completed without a faculty mentor willing to accept the student into his or her research program. Faculty interests are located on the faculty web page with individual profile pages for each faculty member. We highly recommend that applicants to our Master's program include the name of their faculty mentor in their application's cover letter. This will ensure a smoother process.

Admission deadlines: All application materials are due by March 1st for Fall admission, and by November 1st for Spring admission. Please be sure to carefully read through the following sources of graduate admissions information.

University-wide Graduate Admission Requirements Biological Sciences Graduate Admission Requirements Biological Sciences Admissions

Collaborative Ph.D. Programs

Students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage may do so via collaborative programs with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Students engaged in research with a UAA faculty member may apply to the following UAF Ph.D. programs: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology and Wildlife, or Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. A UAA faculty mentor can advise the applicant on which program is most appropriate for the course of study.  Each collaborative program has different admissions, degree, and residency requirements. Please visit the UAF Graduate School's website for additional information. We ask Ph.D. applicants to send a complete copy of their application packet to our office for our files and highly recommend that applicants include the name of their UAA faculty mentor in their application's cover letter. This will ensure a smoother application process. 

Graduate Committee 

The Graduate Committee oversees policies for the UAA Biological Sciences Master's program.  The list of members is below:

Professor Jenn Burns
Committee Chair
Phone: (907) 786-1527

Professor Doug Causey
Phone: (907) 786-1310

Professor Jonathan Stecyk
Phone: (907) 786-1366

Professor Don Spalinger
Phone: (907) 786-4703