Student Opportunities

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of many of the opportunities that will arise during your academic careers at UAA. This page is devoted to our undergraduate seminars, job postings, scholarship information, student clubs, and other events that you'll find of interest.

We'd love to add your email address to our undergraduate listserv which means you'll receive important updates about changes in our class schedules, research and employment opportunities within our department as well as with state and federal employers, and many other important items. Please feel free to contact the Biological Sciences Department with your preferred email address, and we'll gladly add it to our listserv.

Scholarship Information

UAA has a wide selection of scholarships available to students. You can find ones pertaining to the sciences or choose from variety of other scholarships. 

Please join the Biological Sciences Undergraduate Listserv for updates!


UAA Premed Club

Premed Club meets Monday nights at 7 PM on the 3rd floor of CPISB. 

For more information contact:                                        

AMSA UAA Pre-Med Chapter

The American Medical Student Association has a UAA chapter on campus. Meetings are Fridays at 12 PM on the 3rd floor of CPISB.

For more information contact: