ALEKS Prep for Chemistry

The UAA Chemistry Department uses ALEKS Prep for Chemistry to assess student readiness and prepare them for the applied mathematics (and some chemistry) associated with the Introduction to General Chemistry (CHEM A103) and General Chemistry I (CHEM A105) courses. 

ALEKS Prep is an adaptive system. It will determine your existing knowledge through an initial assessment and then help you work through concepts that you have not yet mastered. Some students may spend only 3 hours to demonstrate mastery of all topics. Others may need to spend much more time. 

Registration in ALEKS and demonstration of mastery will comprise a percentage of your course grade next semester. Students must demonstrate 100% mastery by September 8th, 2019 at 11:00 pm in order to receive credit for this assignment. 

Students who fail to complete this assignment or who do not reach 100% mastery by the deadline are setting themselves up for failure in their course. 

Important things to know: 

  1. As a UAA student, you have free access to ALEKS Prep for Chemistry as long as you use the class code provided below.
  2. You should work independently in ALEKS. If you get help, you are setting yourself up for failure in your chemistry course.
  3. Do NOT procrastinate. Start as soon as possible.
  4. Remove all distractions. Yes, that means your phone as well.
  5. Use a notebook. Work out all problems on paper before entering your answers.
  6. Pay attention to the formatting of your answers. If you do not enter your answers into ALEKS using the required syntax, they will be marked wrong, and ALEKS will think that you do not know the topics. The tutorial ALEKS provides after registration will introduce proper syntax.
  7. If there are many topics for which you cannot demonstrate mastery during the initial assessment, you will need to spend some time in ALEKS. Do NOT attempt to cover missed topics all at once. Work in ALEKS a little each day.
  8. You can access ALEKS as many times as you’d like until the September 8th deadline.
  9. You will be required to purchase the ALEKS homework platform (not ALEKS Prep) to use once the semester starts. Details will be on your course syllabus once it is made available. 

When you are ready to register, click on the button below. On the ALEKS website, enter the class code: GEKVQ-KHCGY and then click on CONTINUE. 

ALEKS sign-up