Thep Ayudhya, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
(907) 786-4953


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. 2009
  • M.S. Chemistry, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. 2003
  • B.S. Chemistry, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. 2001

Teaching Responsibilities

  • CHEM A321: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM A323L: Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Research Interests

Chemical Sensing Polymers

Conjugated polymers have long been used as conducting materials and chemosensors to detect specific substrates. The structures of these conjugated systems are generally well defined in order to enhance the backbone planarization and pi stacking. Our research focuses on synthesizing the imprinted polymer materials that will enhance the analyte sensing property. Our goal is to design small organic molecules to be used as monomers and study the polymerization process as well as post polymerization modification. We are also interested in looking at the designs of block copolymers and graft copolymers in making hybrid materials and their spectroscopic properties.

Study of boranes and their derivatives

Boron containing compounds are used in a wide range of products from glass, detergents, to high temperature stability materials. In addition, a compound such as ammonia borane is highly desired as a high energy storage compound due to the thermal decomposition to produce hydrogen gas. We are interested in synthesizing a variety of borane compounds for use in energy storage. Within the past decade, boron compounds are becoming valuable in medicine as inhibitors for various enzymes to treat certain medical conditions. Our research also focuses on synthesizing bioactive boron compounds for use in releasing carbon monoxide. Our current project include synthesizing drug conjugated carboxyboranes for targeted drug delivery and CO.


ROS-mediated Carbon Monoxide and Drug Release from Drug-conjugated CarboxyboranesAyudhya, T. I.; Pellechia, P. J.; Dingra, N. N. Dalton Transactions. (2018) DOI: 10.1039/C7DT03581K

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Experimental Crystal Structure Determination of CORCB-1Ayudhya, T. I.; Raymond, C. C.; Dingra, N. N. CCDC 1421389: (2017) DOI: 10.5517/ccdc.csd.cc1jq28l

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