Graduate Study

Masters Degree Program Requirements

The Department of English offers a 36-credit Master of Arts in English emphasizing balanced coursework in literature, rhetoric, composition, and linguistics. This degree prepares students both to pursue a more specialized Ph.D. program and to take a variety of jobs in teaching, writing, editing, and business, professional, and technical communications. Students take three required courses, Contemporary Literary Theory (ENGL A602), Advanced Research and Professional Practices (ENGL A689) and Thesis (ENGL A699). Teaching Assistants (TAs) are also required to take Composition Theory and Pedagogy (ENGL A683). Otherwise, students enjoy significant flexibility in designing their degree. The degree culminates in the master's thesis, a thoroughly researched and carefully argued article-length work that demonstrates the student's academic achievement and enables students to take on a variety of professional roles or to pursue advanced study.

Applications, including the MA application packet and UAA application for admission, are due by May 1 for fall enrollment (February 1 if applying for a teaching assistantship) and November 1 for spring enrollment.  Late applications will be considered for the following semester.

Graduate students should consider applying for a Teaching Assistantship with the Department. Applications are due February 1st.

In lieu of letters of recommendation for the MA and TA programs, faculty may use a Request for Reference form.

For more information on our programs, students, and admission procedures, see the links above or contact Dr. Clare Dannenberg

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