Shannon Donovan
Associate Professor & Chair
Sense of Place, Bioregional Planning, Resource Conservation, NEPA
(907) 786-6052

BMH 204
Rachel Mills
Adjunct Professor
Evolution of invasive plant species in native habitats, wetland delineations, and impacts of the terrestrial environment land-use and land-cover changes on biogeochemical cycles in freshwater and marine systems. 
(907) 786-0969

BMH 225
Jen Schmidt
Adjunct Professor
Subsistence and sport harvest, land use, ecosystem services, climate change, and wildlife
(907) 786-5497

BMH 210
Audrey R. Taylor
Assistant Professor
Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Arctic-Breeding Shorebird Populations
(907) 786-6854

BMH 208
Dorn Van Dommelen
Professor of Geography
Human and Physical Landscapes, Development and population, Hazards, Cartography and Visualization
(907) 786-1765

BMH 206