About International Studies

The International Studies Program prepares students to be global citizens in an interdependent and interconnected world. International and intercultural knowledge is fundamental to contemporary life and work. The objective of this program is to prepare students to be contributing members of the international community.

The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and the Minor in International Studies provide students with analytical skills and cross-cultural insight required of informed global citizens. Foundational courses introduce students to different modes of inquiry and provide the basis for comparative approaches to international and global issues. The program of study requires students to apply analytical skills and modes of inquiry across regions, societies and cultures. Students select either a regional emphasis that focuses on a particular language and location or a global social science emphasis that prepares students broadly to pursue professional opportunities in an international context.

To further develop their understanding and skills, students majoring in international studies are encouraged to study abroad or participate in other international or intercultural experiences.

Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies or a Minor in International Studies gain an understanding of the challenges and complexities of cross-cultural interactions in an increasingly interconnected world.