Post-Graduation Plans: Careers, Further Study, Major Scholarships

What can I do with a degree in International Studies?

A degree in International Studies can lead to a wide variety of careers. Government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, the Peace Corps, international corporations, and English language schools are among the possibilities. Some students will want to live and work abroad after graduation, others will want to enter graduate or professional school. Language proficiency, cross-cultural sensitivity and global awareness will make students more competitive in almost any career path.

General Advice:

Explore the entry-level requirements for the kinds of careers or graduate programs you are considering. For example, graduate programs in international relations and policy studies often require both micro- and macro-economics as well as statistics. Be sure to include these in your overall UAA academic plan. Experiences such as study abroad, service learning, undergraduate research, leadership in student government, and local internships with international organizations enhance your candidacy for work or further study. Continuous language study demonstrates a deep, personal commitment to working in particular cultures and countries and the implicit ability to learn a third or fourth language.

Graduate or Professional School:

International Studies majors are interested in further study in a variety of areas. Undergraduate students should familiarize themselves with the entry-level requirements and be sure to incorporate these into their UAA academic plan.

Other Post-Graduate Opportunities: National and International Scholarships:

UAA students have successfully competed for a variety of scholarships that fund graduate studies abroad and/or work or research abroad, such as the Marshall Scholarship, the Fulbright Student Program, and the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.  Just as with graduate school, it is important to consider what will make you a competitive candidate for these scholarships and to incorporate into your UAA years experiences such as study abroad, service learning, undergraduate research, leadership in student government, and/or local internships with international organizations. 

Students can find a list of these opportunities on the UAA Honor’s College website.

If you are interested in applying for one of these opportunities:

  • Consider the possibilities early. Some applications are due early in the junior year.
  • Meet with your academic advisor early on to think about the kinds of things you can do while at UAA to strengthen your candidacy.
  • Meet with the Dean of the Honor’s College for guidance in applying for these opportunities.