Bachelor of Arts, Music



Bachelor of Arts, Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music offers a diverse curriculum for those desiring a broad liberal arts education with a concentration in music. Students pursuing this degree will sample courses of their choosing in each of the major academic areas in addition to strengthening their understanding and performance in their chosen musical area.

Students completing a degree in Music will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate technical proficiency on their chosen instrument as well as functional proficiency on piano.
  • Demonstrate and analyze through musical literacy, the basic technical principles used in the construction of music and its basic forms.
  • Communicate a knowledge of the various musical periods and representative forms from those periods in the social, artistic and political context of each.

Below are examples of 4-year plans for the following study areas:

All incoming students who wish to major in music are required to audition. Students should prepare a solo with contrasting movements for their audition. This process helps place students into the correct level of private lessons. 

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