The Center facilitates well-informed discussions about complex issues related to ethics and society.  Members conduct world-class research in applied ethics on local and global issues and engage the public, Alaskan students, researchers and practitioners to promote greater awareness and understanding of complex social, religious, and ethical issues. We are a resource in applied ethics and offer philosophical expertise in science and technology studies, deliberative democracy, animal, food and environmental ethics, religion and society, and governance and public discourse. 

  • Develop/organize materials pertaining to ethical and social issues reflecting UAA and our diverse communities;
  • Provide consultation on ethical issues in medicine, law, religion, politics, government, environment, and academia;
  • Provide ethical evaluations on issues in medicine, law, religion, politics, government, food, animal welfare, environment, and academia; 
  • Promote opportunities to consider various forms of ethical inquiry, including into the value and truth of religious life and belief.