Financial Support

At this time, teaching, research, and service assistantships are not guaranteed due to variability of funding opportunities. The program strives to offer paid assistantships and if available will be assigned at the beginning of each Academic Year. 

Teaching assistantships may involve co-teaching a course depending on student experience. Research assistantships will be offered through funded research projects at both campuses. Students will be matched to available assistantships according to their interests and skills. 

Assistantships include a tuition remission of up to 9-credits each semester and student health insurance. 

Students are eligible for all traditional student loans and grants and are encouraged to contact the UAA Student Financial Aid Office.

Tuition Estimate

The PhD Program in Clinical-Community Psychology is a 5-year 115 credit program.  

 Tuition*: Students generally register for 12-13 credits per semester

Resident tuition – $513/credit

Non-Resident tuition- $1,079/credit

 Fees*:  $1400 per semester

 Books: ~ $500 per semester

 Required Supplies - Laptop: ~$2,000

Approximate cost per academic year for Resident Students is $16,112

Approximate cost per academic year for Non-Resident Students is $29,696

* The information above is based on the rates for the Academic Year 2020/2021 and is subject to change.