Concentration in Behavior Analysis

VCS Program: Verified Course Sequences, ABAI: Association for Behavioral Analysis International
Behavior analysis (BA) is the natural science that studies principles of learning and the behavior of individuals. Primary areas of study include the experimental analysis of behavior (EAB) and applied behavior analysis (ABA). EAB uses laboratory research to understand the underlying basic principles of behavior whereas ABA systematically applies these basic principles to change the behavior of clients.

Behavior analysts understand that both biology and environment influence behavior. We study both human and nonhuman behavior to address socially significant issues such as health promotion, substance abuse treatment, education, animal training, employee performance and workplace safety, and the intensive treatment of pervasive developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders.

The UAA Psychology Department offers a Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)® approved coursework sequence. This approved coursework sequence prepares students to sit for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCABA®) examination to earn an internationally recognized certification. Concentration coursework also prepares students who seek to find employment in agencies that provide behavior-analytic services or those who seek graduate education in Behavior Analysis or Experimental Psychology.

Visit the BACB to review pass-rate data for this program (if available)