Departmental Honors in Psychology

The Department of Psychology recognizes exceptional undergraduate students by awarding them Departmental Honors in Psychology and noting the award on their permanent university transcript. To graduate with Departmental Honors, the student must complete the requirements for a BA or BS in Psychology and meet the additional requirements listed below. Students seeking Departmental Honors in Psychology should work with their Academic Advisor as early as possible to minimize the total number of credits needed to complete their BA or BS with Departmental Honors.

  • Satisfy all requirements for a BA or BS degree in Psychology.
  • Maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 3.50.
  • Complete PSY A412.
  • Complete PSY A499A.
  • Complete PSY A499B. The thesis project must be approved in advance by the Undergraduate Studies Committee and carried out by following applicable departmental guidelines.
  • Students intending to graduate with departmental honors must notify the Departmental Honors Committee in writing on or before the date they file their Application for Graduation with the Office of the Registrar.

Please contact the Assistant to the Director of Psychology (907-786-1976 or visit NSB 216) for more information.