Behavioral Sciences Conference of the North

Saturday, April 21st, 2018


The Behavioral Science Conference of the North (BSCN) is an annual research conference hosted collaboratively by the UAA Psychology department and student clubs for over thirty years. This student-led, student-focused conference promotes scholarly research and professional development in the fields of Psychology, Behavioral Science, and Human Services across the UA system.

BSCN provides students with an opportunity to present research posters and oral research presentations, which allows the students to share their research findings with peers, community members, and professionals, receive feedback, improve their research and public speaking skills, and prepare to become professionals in their fields. BSCN also showcases local and nationally recognized professionals, who are recruited to present on topics in Psychology and behavioral sciences of interest to professionals and students as well as community members. These talks help foster an academic community in Anchorage, and all of Alaska and are inspirational for students, faculty, and community members alike.  The BSCN provides opportunities for community members, including professionals and potential employers of UAA graduates, and students and faculty members across several UAA programs to learn about and discuss research findings that have practical implications.

Keynote Speakers


UAA Faculty member Dr. Mychal Machado will be presenting at this year's BSCN with the talk "Science, Skepticism, and Behavior". Dr. Machado is a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst whose research interests include the functional analysis of complex human behaviors and transmission of myths, superstitions, and "weird" beliefs. 

Dr. Machado will be speaking on Saturday, April 21st at 3:00 pm in RH 101.


Another one of our faculty, Dr. Anayansi Lombardero will also be presenting at this year's BSCN with her talk "How do We Prevent Physical and Psychological Disorders? A Look at Environment and Health Behaviors".  Her research interests include chronic disease prevention and management, eliminating health disparities, and improving integrated care in primary care psychology.

Dr. Lombardero will be speaking on Saturday, April 21st at 10:00 am in RH 101.


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