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    The UAA undergraduate sociology program prepares students to work collaboratively in organizations characterized by complexity, rapid change, and high levels of cultural diversity. Our students are active in university life and have an excellent reputation for community-based social science and policy research.

    Sociology Courses

Sociology is the study of society, ranging from interactions in small groups to large-scale forces transforming entire civilizations. Our department is committed to training students in both sociological theory and applied empirical research so that they may become practitioners and participants in building a better world. Alaska is an ideal setting for the study of sociology due to the diversity of its people, its dynamic social landscape, and its distinct urban and rural ways of life.

  • Our students are active in university life and have an excellent reputation for community-based social science and policy research.

  • Our faculty study an assortment of topics that intersect with life in the North, including housing and environmental issues, deviance and crime, globalization and culture, and urbanization and inequality.

  • Our alumni are leaders in a range of fields including research, business, advocacy, public health, law enforcement, education, and policy.

2016 ETS Sociology Major Field Exam

Nationally, UAA Sociology Capstone students scored near the top of 122 institutions representing 3,804 students:

Overall (97th percentile)


  • Methods/Statistics (98th)
  • Globalization (98th)
  • Criminology (97th)
  • General Theory (96th)
  • Social Stratification (96th)
  • Social Institutions (93rd)
  • Gender (84th)

Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Sociology faculty mentor a multidisciplinary collection of undergraduate social science researchers, often working in partnership with local organizations such as the Anchorage Mayor's Office, RAIS, Anchorage Community Land Trust, People Mover, and NeighborWorks Anchorage. Since 2013, our student researchers have amassed an array of impressive accomplishments:  

  • 48 conference/symposium presentations 
  • 30 funded undergraduate research grants
  • 8 ISER Policy Awards
  • 6 NSF-funded EPSCoR internships 
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Dr. Chad Farrell recieved the UAA Chancellor's Award for Excellence  in Community Engagement and Service in 2020. What is the value of academic research for its surrounding communities? Learn about UAA Sociology faculty Prof. Farrell's research on diversity in Anchorage, and how it connected students, alumni and the city with the University. 

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UAA Sociology Alumna Caitlin Taylor shares the importance of being engaged in research as an undergraduate, how the skills she acquired as a result help her in her job at the Anchorage Community Land Trust as a Program Manager, and the importance of Dr. Farrell's diversity research for the community she serves.

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