Weather Closure

University of Alaska Anchorage campus will be closed September 24, 2021 beginning at 6:40 AM, due to weather. Students and employees should check their email for more information. The university will remain closed for the weekend and reopen on Monday morning.

The Alaska Airlines Center will be open Saturday, September 25, for the home volleyball match that afternoon.

All Shall Pass

All Shall Pass

Acrylic on canvas, 72" X 54", 2014

This image is based on a traditional ceremony we were invited to attend in the outskirts of Accra, Ghana in July 2013.  I have changed the colors and eliminated some of the figures present at the ritual in order to draw attention to the gesture and activity of the dancer.  He is shown setting a bit of gunpowder on fire, which charges the air and purifies the space in anticipation of the arrival of the deities, paving the way for them to dance with an elevated sense of power.