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Robinson's Evidence

Robinson's Evidence

2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 67" X 54"

Reinaldo Robinson was a dear friend and an important person in the ritual life of Perico, Cuba. One of Justo Zulueta's many sons, Reinaldo lived in Justo's house after his death, and continued to maintain his altar to Oddu Aremu, and his Palo altar to Maria Venceguerra (see upper left). Reinaldo added Justo's favorite chair as a commemorative sacred object. (See "Robinson's House").  Justo's house is one of the important religious houses in Perico.

Reinaldo, also known as Robinson, was a respected keeper of community knowledge and cultural memories. One could almost always find him holding forth with a neighbor or a visitor to the altars. Reinaldo is shown in the lower right, sitting with a neighbor viewing photos taken by Jill Flanders Crosby in Dzodze, Ghana. Jill brought the photos especially to show Robinson the similarities between ritual objects in the two communities, thus helping establish a possible historical link. This painting is a companion piece to "The Women of Dzodze Viewing Photos from Perico".

The day after I started the painting I found out Robinson had died. It is difficult to imagine Perico without him.