Classes & Electives

Women's and Gender Studies courses at UAA foster open, vigorous inquiry about women and gender, challenge curricula in which women are absent or peripheral, question cultural assumptions in light of new information, and create a supportive environment for those interested in studying women and the role of women in society

Required Courses to Earn a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

  • WS A200 Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WS A400 Feminist Theory
  • WS A401 Seminar in Women's Studies

Approved Elective Courses

  • SOC A242 Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships
  • CWLA A260 Introduction to Creative Writing: Women's Writing Workshop
  • ANTH A270 Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women
  • PSY A313 Psychology of Women (junior level standing or 6 credits of psychology)
  • SOC A342 Sexual, Marital, and Family Lifestyles (prereq SOC A101)
  • HUMS A350 Men and Masculinity (prereq SOC A101 or PSY A111)
  • SOC/WS A352 Women and Social Action (prereq SOC A101 or AWS 200)
  • PS/WS A355 Women in Politics
  • SOC A377 Men, Women, and Change (prereq SOC A101)
  • HIST A382 American Women's History (prereq HIST A132)
  • ENGL A403 Topics in Autobiography (prereq ENGL A211, A212, or A213 with minimum grade of C or higher)
  • ENGL A404 Topics in Women's Literature (prereq ENGL A211, A212, or A213 with minimum grade of C or higher)
  • PHIL A415 Feminist Philosophy
  • WS A495 Internship in Women & Gender Studies

Other courses may be applied with approval from the Coordinator of Women's and Gender Studies, Professor Kimberly J. Pace.