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Nullities and Vacuities

Works by The Art Guys
February 10 – March 7, 2014
The Art Guys

Artist Statement:
“Allow us to explain.

The large photographs are not photographs at all, but rather scans. These images were made by scanning mundane objects and then they were enlarged. Only one is presented as is with no further manipulation. The titles of are neither literal nor metaphorical. They are just what came to mind at the time.

The drawings are not really drawings. Or if they are, they barely are. They are neither technical achievements nor demonstrations of virtuosic capabilities. There is no interest in that. They are utterances in the guise of art, with marks that, with luck, coalesce into words that have something to do with themselves. They are iterations of the obvious. The graphite marks scratch the surface of literality.

The emotion ‘drawings’ were accomplished by imparting (infusing?) our emotions directly onto the paper. Rather than representing these emotions, we worked with them directly. We want you to feel as we do. They are left unframed so that the material of the emotions may not be impeded. Nothing comes between us.

Overall, there’s not much here. These towering trivialities are next to nothing. Like ghosts of departed quantities, measure for measure, they are calculated to be needy nothings, next to jollity. And like everything else we do, everything he re-cuts two ways. We’re finally getting anywhere.” (Jan. 20, 2014)

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