Panel: Indigenous Food Security and Sovereignty

Day 1, Afternoon Session I, 1:30 pm - 3:10 pm, RH 117

(Theme: Place and Identity)

  1. “Reframing Food Security By and For Native American Communities:  A Case Study Among Tribes in the Klamath River Basin of Oregon and California,” Jennifer Sowerwine, Megan Mucioki, Daniel Sarna-Wojcicki, UC Berkeley & Lisa Hillman, Karuk Tribe
  2. “Putting the Thaw on Injustice and Dependence: Food Security and Cultural Values,” Jody Vogelzang, Grand Valley State University
  3. “The Battle for the Commons: Seed Sovereignty, Subsistence Agriculture, and Threats to Native Seeds in Chiapas, Mexico,” Carol Hernández Rodríguez & Daniel Jaffee, Portland State University
  4. “Oral Histories of Place-Based Foodways and Cooperative Development in First Nations Food Sovereignty Initiatives and Intertribal Trade Networks: A Case Study of the Wisconsin Oneida,” Becca Dower, Jennifer Gaddis & Kasey Keeler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  5. “Searching for Well-Being: Hegemony and Resilience in Indigenous Food Systems and Culinary Movements,” Jacquelyn Heuer, University of South Florida