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UAA Department of Languages presents:

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2017 Chinese Contest and Talent Show (April 21st, UAA-Student Union Den)

Invitation Letter

Dear All:

In order to promote understanding of Chinese culture and language and help students learn Chinese better, we have continuously hosted Alaska Chinese Contest and Talent Show for six years which focused on cultural knowledge in the past. This year the contest (on April 21st) will take a new form. It will consist of two rounds, and each round includes both topic speech and a poetry recital (see the following table). Topic speech aims to test non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using Chinese in their daily lives. Poems recital can help them understand and enjoy the beauty of ancient Chinese poetry. We would like to warmly invite you and your students to join us for this event.


Round 1


Time limit



Topic Speech

Self-introduction(name, hometown, education, family, favorite food, hobby and sports, etc. )


Prepare in advance


Poems Recital

1. 登鹳雀楼

2. 春晓

3. 静夜思

4. 悯农

5. 相思


Prepare in advance

(pick one from the list)


Round 2


Time limit



Topic Speech

1. Experiences of shopping

2. Description of season or weather in a city/town

3. Travel plan

4. Recreational Activities


Prepare in advance


Poems Recital

1. 望庐山瀑布

2. 绝句(两个黄鹂鸣翠柳)

3. 早发白帝城



Draw lots on spot

(pick one from the list)


We also welcome middle and elementary school students to show their talents, There will be no specific criteria for performance type. Students may perform Chinese dances, songs, calligraphy, etc. In order to test Chinese proficiency of contestants, we will conduct the contest in Chinese.  

We look forward to your participation and excellent performance.



UAA Confucius Institute



You and your family are cordially invited to join the UAA Confucius Institute to welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster on Jan. 27th 2017(Friday)

Celebration of the year of Rooster

come and enjoy traditional Chinese martial arts, music, and dance on Sunday,  January 22,2017, 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Alaska Performing Arts Center’s Discovery Theatre





  painting classmid autumn


  • The UAA Confucius Institute is honored to present a free, public celebration of traditional Chinese martial arts, music, and dance with Alaska’s first visit from the world-renown Wulin Hanyun Performance Tour for one night only on January 22, 2017 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the Alaska Performing Arts Center’s Discovery Theatre. No prior registration is necessary.

    Featuring students and teachers from across China, Wulin Hanyun travels the world showcasing Chinese performance art including heart-stopping demonstrations of Tai Chi, Badunjin, and Shaolin Swordplay, modern music skillfully performed on traditional instruments such as the Guzheng, and storytelling through intricate folk dance. Organized by the themes of happiness, harmony, and sharing, the evening presents ancient culture in a modern style that is exciting for the whole family.

    Sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing, Hanban, organized by the Education Department of Henan Province, and co-hosted by The University of Alaska Anchorage Confucius Institute, Wulin Hanyun features Chinese Kung-Fu, traditional dance, and folk music performed by students and teachers from Songshan Shaolin Wushu College, Zhengzhou University, and Henan Normal University. Since appearing in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, Wulin Hanyun has performed on six continents for audiences of thousands. January 22, will be their first performance in Alaska.


On Chinese Movie Day (Sep. 24th), come to enjoy exciting movies, taste Chinese food & play funny games!movie day flyer

 On Chinese Double Ninth Festival, you can learn to make Chongyang cakes

double ninth festival


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