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Governing the Commons

February 25 & 26, 2022

Greetings delegates, and welcome to the 40th Conference of the Model United Nations of Alaska. 

Our topic for this year’s conference is “Governing the Commons”.

Decades ago, a person coined the term “tragedy of the commons”. A term that describes some of the issues we as a species are facing today. But unlike the thoughts of the author of this term, the solution is not through racial division, but through solidarity. Not through arbitrary decisions to benefit the rich over the poor, but through equitable measures. And not through fear-mongering, but through hopeful cooperation. 

To meet the challenges at hand, we must turn to the true barriers and obstacles while also utilizing and empowering local communities to help manage finite resources. Practical solutions to providing alternative resources . Yet key corporations and actors do much to halt such action. Various indigenous peoples from around the world have lived and cared for their lands and this planet for thousands of years.  Nations must themselves as well as others within their own borders. 

These past decades have made it more and more apparent that we are sharing fewer and fewer resources than ever before. Sharing limited aquifers and fresh water. Sharing fewer spaces for habitation and agriculture. But this has ignited human ingenuity and innovation. There is hope today and hope tomorrow of technological advancements and international cooperation so that we may continue to live on this planet. 



Tuan Graziano

Secretary-General of the Model United Nations of Alaska

T. Graziano