The Future of Freedom: Ethnic Tensions, New Media, and the Democratization of Information

November 12, 2022

A Letter From Secretary-General Matthew Green

To the delegates of this conference:

It is once again my pleasure to welcome you all back to the international stage for the continuation of the Fall semester Model UN conference. Last year, we had the opportunity to develop an additional, all virtual Model UN experience for the Fall. We are delighted to announce the continuation of the additional Fall conference along with our annual Spring session.

Our topic for both of this academic year’s conferences is “The Future of Freedom: Ethnic Tensions, New Media, and the Democratization of Information”.

Reflecting upon our most recent conference this year in the Spring of 2022, our conference debuted with the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. Overnight, the political and socioeconomic condition of the international stage inarguably shifted. The delegations of this conference displayed the very attitudes and advocacy needed to address our constantly evolving world. It is demonstrative of the sharp thinking and swift action we must continue to wield in the face of injustice everywhere. To that point, the topic for the Fall and Spring conferences is reflective of the myriad of global crises that present themselves to the youth of today. Although certainly daunting, it is up to us to mobilize and make change. The unification and cooperation of the many delegations of this conference are vital to securing the future of our collective freedoms.

The Model United Nations of Alaska is also excited to present another brand new committee this academic year: the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The ITU is demonstrative of the rapid expansion of technology and its relationship to the increasingly connected world. Specifically, the delegates of the ITU committee will address the ITU Development Sector. In consonance with the theme of this conference, the ITU promotes the sustainable continuation and development of digital infrastructures, cybersecurity, equitable policies and regulations, and of course the wide accessibility of information for all.

The further we progress into the 21st century the more formidable our existential threats to life become. Only through intentional cooperation and compassion among our delegations will we be able to charge forward and ensure the future of everyone’s freedom. The power and ability of the imagination do not end within the bounds of the mind, it rests within our courage to use it.

M. Green