CAS Strategic Plan 2016-2020


With UAA launching UAA 2025, its new strategic plan, CAS will be developing its new CAS strategic plan in Spring 2021. That plan will build upon UAA 2025 and incorporate the addition of the School of Education to CAS. Below is the CAS plan that preceded CAS 2025.

The Strategic Plan envisions a College that has successfully built on its strength and potential: a culture of excellence and innovation in education; an expansion of research, scholarship, and creative work; interdisciplinary and collaborative approached to research problems, and a deserved reputation for public service.  The College of Arts and Sciences will be an established source of expertise on social and environmental issues, the focus of education in the humanities and fine arts, and an important center of cultural activity for the city of Anchorage and for the state of Alaska.  Programs in the College will be integral to UAA's leadership role in health education and research.  The College will be distinguished for scientific and ecological research, and will play a central role in doctoral program development.  The College will continue to be the site of dialogue on the issues of the day, and to maintain its long-standing advocacy for the importance of the liberal arts and sciences.

Priority 1:  Student Success

  • Goal #1 - Manage the College’s three instructional missions: liberal arts and sciences education for all degree-seeking students; degree programs in the humanities, fine arts, and the mathematical, natural and social sciences; and foundational courses for professional programs.
  • Goal #2 - Cultivate innovative pedagogies, particularly undergraduate research, service learning, and active learning; enhance student mentoring and good advising; provide resources for appropriately-sized classes, increased faculty accessibility, and individualized attention of instructors.
  • Goal #3 - Develop existing programs to optimal size while remaining open to new program possibilities; monitor academic standards, instructor qualifications, and grade inflation; support the development of program admission requirements and standards; achieve special accreditation for appropriate programs.
  • Goal #4 - Promote CAS programs statewide, nationally, and internationally; collaborate with Student Services to recruit in-state, out-of-state, and international students; recruit for diversity; provide appropriate international experience for students; and assist programmatic efforts to help students begin their careers.

Priority 2:  Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

  • Goal #1 - Enhance infrastructure for research, scholarship, and creative work.
  • Goal #2 - Strengthen existing graduate programs and develop doctoral programs consistent with UAA and UA missions.
  • Goal #3 - Support individual faculty efforts in research, scholarship, and creative activity; facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary work.
  • Goal #4 - Support existing research, scholarship, and creative trends in the College; promote research and scholarly activity aligned with sanctioned statewide leadership missions for UAA.

Priority 3:  Community Engagement

  • Goal #1 - Recognize and reward those who use their professional expertise for the good of the community; develop the College as a public square; and develop community partnerships with common goals.
  • Goal #2 - Educate Students for citizenship, and demand ethical and responsible conduct of all faculty, staff, and students; educate for the common good.
  • Goal #3 - Reward good university citizenship, particularly participation in the governance process; reward those who take on leadership roles in professional organizations.
  • Goal #4 - Publicize the work of the College locally and globally; engage the community in the affairs of the College.